Laura Ramírez

Blueprint Translation, Communication & Technology (formerly, Tradutics) is the culmination of years of dedication to the trade and good old-fashioned hard work of Laura Ramírez: translator, self-proclaimed geek and tireless entrepreneur.

DNA has been dubbed “blueprint of life”. It defines who we are and what we have the potential to be at a very fundamental level. Well, for us, words are the blueprint of communication in the exact same way: just as there is no life without DNA, there is no communication without words. The right words, arranged in the right order, at the right time, can mean the difference between a successful text and one whose individual words do not quite add up to the magic of life. At Blueprint TCT, we are experts in the craft of words, our DNA, and we are here to help you get it right.

Whether you need a professional translation, in-house training or consultancy services, we can help you achieve your communication goals. We love sharing our years of experience in the translation and localisation markets, to be the key that opens the door to new markets. We offer a professional, high quality service focused on your needs: our goal is always to help you achieve yours. And above all, by working together, learning from each other, we want to deliver a final product that you are 100% happy with.




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Blueprint estará en Lenguando, el evento para profesionales de la lengua

Los próximos 7 y 8 de junio se celebra en Valencia Lenguando, el evento que une a los profesionales...